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What’s NEW for the 2018 TCFStyle Expo!

21 Apr 2018

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Well HELLO Beautiful!

We are bringing you new and exciting things this year at the TCFStyle Expo. We want to help you create new experiences while attending or participating at our 4th annual plus size shopping and social event, here in Atlanta!

First of all, have you saved the date? I hope you have, because there is so much that will be happening this year- that we had to give you a sneak peek into what is news for 2018!

You have provided us great feedback from last year’s expo. . . so we have revamped and added some exciting things for! Keep reading to learn about what is new for 2018!

Friday Blogger Intensive

Did you catch the latest post this week announcing our super cool blogger mastermind day? Get the details here just in case you missed it. You asked and we finally got our fearless leader, Marie Leggette the creator of TCFStyle Expo to share the knowledge and drop some serious about starting your blog, monetizing your blog to bring you the coins and building the relationships that build your business. Get ready to boss up.

New Days and Hours

Instead of a Friday/Saturday event, we have shifted the days to Saturday & Sunday, August 11th & 12th, to ensure you get the most out of the event! Also?! Doors will open at 12pm! So no need to rush thinking you will miss on the first day. Relax and get ready for the TCFStyle Weekend.

Vendor Booth Contest


Yesss, that’s right.. we have a vendor booth contest this year. When you are positioned among other vendors, whether direct competitors or not, it’s vital to stand out in your presentation, engagement, and overall customer experience  There are going to be over 50+ vendors at the TCFStyle expo, what better way to stand out from other companies and competitors is to participate in a vendor booth contest to stay on attendees’ brains long after the event is over.

Eight New Panels

That’s right! Eight new amazing panels ready to be filled with energy, fresh ideas, and bring our audience into the discussion.
And because we are all about OWNING IT, our panel discussions are filled with women and men owning their place in the plus size community and beyond.

Giveaways before AND during the Expo!


We want to treat you! As an attendee at the TCFStyle Expo you have the chance to win amazing prizes during the fun weekend. Everyone loves the chance of winning! There’s nothing more joyful than delivering great prizes to our loyal attendee. We want to show our appreciation by gifting you items from your favorite brands.

The Lounges

TCFStyle Expo Plus Size Model in AtlantaYes. This year are making sure you have space to relax a spell and take a load off, go ahead charge your phone or take a minute and some real time posting. Our social media lounge is the perfect place to do all this and network with some of your favorite bloggers.


Told you we had a lot to share today! And there is so much more in the upcoming weeks.  We hope you are just as excited as us!

We want you to have the best experience possible at the TCFStyle Expo. Each year will get better and bigger, don’t miss out on such an amazing event.

If you have any other questions, visit our social media pages for frequent updates!

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