Tips For A Successful TCFStyle Expo Vending Experience


9 Tips for an Amazing TCFStyle Expo Experience

Booth Presentation

Demand Attention

  • Creative and unique exhibit displays, props, properties (materials, shape, size, etc.)
  • Attract attention with high visibility activities and compelling information
  • Apply eye-catching colors, AV, dramatic lights and motion
  • Showcase what’s NEW, special offers, promotions and demos

Communicate Quickly/Effectively With the Audience

  • Establish who you are – use your logo and company branding
  • Tell them what you sell
  • Convey what you can do for them and why they should care
  • Tell them what they’ll LEARN, GAIN, SAVE, AVOID by stopping
  • Customize your message to your target attendees

Make Your Exhibit Easy to Enter

  • Remove obstacles blocking the entrance: tables, chairs, counter, displays, staff on the carpet line
  • Have enough space for attendees – don’t put too much into your exhibit
  • Be a good host or hostess and invite attendees in
  • Continue your conversation inside, not outside your exhibit

How You Present Your Product

Activity Equals Attention, Interaction & Retention

  • Try to find a fun, unique and engaging way to recreate a field based or real world application
  • Show them how to use your product/service
  • Get attendees to do something in the booth. Involve as many senses as possible
  • Make the interaction educational and enjoyable

Pay Attention to Product/ Service Communications

  • Support key products/services with consistent visuals. Should be visible, bulleted, key points
  • Combine static and interactive AV
  • Communicate product/service feature/benefits
  • Make it easy for attendees to learn: use signage, flat panel monitors with PowerPoint or video

Reinforce What They Learned About You!

  • Have brochures on hand if they want it now. Use QR codes, USB drives, or electronic information kiosks
  • Document visitors, deliver on promises. Plan how you’ll follow-up before the show starts
  • Address attendees’ needs promptly/accurately

Your Booth Team

Have Sufficient, Informed & Visible Staff on Hand and Make them Visible!

  • Rule of thumb: 1 staffer per 50 sq. ft. of booth space. Too many block graphics and cause attendees to avoid
  • Hold a pre-show meeting – train on interaction skills, products, offers, lead capture
  • Consistent apparel, buttons, badges to identify staff to attendees

Body Language Can Project the Right Image/Message

  • Encourage staff to smile and greet, use open body postures
  • Stand in the exhibit, a couple feet off carpet line
  • Be sure staff looks and acts like they want to be there and help
  • For larger exhibits, keep staff placed at all areas around your exhibit

Avoid Common and Costly Staff Behaviors

  • Texting, cell phone calls, working on iPads or computers
  • Sitting, leaning, eating, drinking
  • Body language: hands in pockets, on hips, folded arms
  • Congregating, talking to other staffers
  • Don’t pre-judge visitors by appearance