Vendor Rules & Regulations

2017 TCFStyle Expo Vendors- Koils by Nature

Sound and Height Limitations

Sound Levels

80 decibels is now the maximum level for sound when measured in the aisle by your booth. This is lower than the 85 decibels previously permitted. If the tested noise level goes above 80 decibels, or is particularly disturbing or disruptive, Show Management will direct that the noise be turned down.

Height Limits and Booth Reviews

  • Height limit for hanging signs has changed.Please review your booth dimensions on your booth type for specific details.
  • Booth Display Height Limits are also outlined in your booth details

General Rules

Age Restriction

No one under the age of 16 is permitted in the Exhibit Halls.  This includes move-in/move-out and during show hours.

Exhibit Delivery and Removal During Show

Delivery or removal of any portion of an Exhibit will not be permitted during Show Hours.


Exhibitors must have their own liability insurance covering a minimum of. Please list TCFStyle Expo as “additional insured”.

The former is characterized by its similarly weighted lines, while the latter is distinguished by its contrast of light and heavy lines. Often, these styles are combined.


Exhibitors will be liable for, will indemnify, and will hold harmless Show Management from any loss or damage whatsoever occurring to, or suffered by, any person or company. This includes, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, exhibitor, other exhibitors, management, the owners of the building and their respective agents, servants and employees, and members of the public attending the show, either (a) on the said space or (b) elsewhere. Neither the facility nor Show Management will be responsible for loss or damage to persons, exhibits, or decorations by fire, accident, theft, or any cause while in the exhibition buildings.


Transportation Insurance

Show Management is NOT responsible for damages caused during the transportation of your products.  We strongly recommend purchasing transportation insurance when booking your shipments.