Vendor Badges & Guest Passes

badge delivery and pick-up options

Vendors have the option to select which booth personnel badges are to be shipped in advance and which are badges are to be held for onsite pick up. Badge delivery preference can be customized per each individual registered exhibitor.

  • Onsite Pick Up – Badges will be held for pick up at onsite Exhibitor Registration.*

* See below for onsite badge pick-up procedures.

onsite badge pick up options

Individual Badge Pick Up:

  • Vendors can individually obtain badges and badge holders at Vendor Registration by presenting the registration confirmation and a valid photo ID.

Group Badge Pick Up (Vendors Only):

  • Group badge pick up is available anytime during registration hours at the Vendor Registration desk.
  • Badges and badge holders may be picked up in smaller batches or in their entirety by a registered exhibitor. Once picked up, that exhibitor is responsible for distributing badges to the respective registrants. Photo ID verification and proof of employment (ie: a business card) will be required for pickup.

badge holder pick-up options

If badges are shipped in advance: To obtain badge holders, the holder vouchers attached to badges should be presented at Vendor Registration. Only one badge holder will be provided per voucher exchanged.

Vendor Guest Passes

Dependant on your booth size, you are allotted a certain number of guest passes to give away.

  • Traditional Booth: 2 guest passes
  • Premium Booth: 4 guest passes

In order to receive your guest passes, you must submit your guest’s name and email to the Vendor and Sponsor Coordinator by August 1st.