Digital Advertising

TCFStyle Expo Promotional Emails

The TCFStyle Expo creates and disseminates a series of promotional e-mails to past attendees, vendors and industry professionals in the months leading up to the event. This is your opportunity to provide a header banner advertisement and product feature which will direct recipients to your website.

Dedicated Promotional Emails

Limited to a very few*, these emails are your brand and message sent to the TCFStyle Expo pre-registered Attendees and media. The emails are created entirely by you and sent out directly by TCFStyle Expo on your behalf. Through each, you will have the opportunity to reach more than 20,000+ Attendees (number is larger as show nears) and get your messaging in front of them to drive interest and traffic to your booth or events at the Show. *Must be TCFStyle Expo Vendor or Sponsor and promotion must pertain to your presence at the Show including TCFStyle Expo logo, dates, and website.


  • March
  • June
  • August (Post-Show)

Standard Leaderboard Placement on site

The TCFStyle Expo is the #1 source of information for the TCFStyle Expo preparation and therefore the ideal space to promote your booth location and highlight products and services in the months leading up to the event. Ads will run from the time they are received until at least 3 months following the event. Advertisements will be run in a dedicated banner placement area on the TCFStyle Expo website. Advertisement size is 728 x 90.

Homepage Leaderboard Placement

Feature your messaging on the homepage of TCFStyle Expo as we gear up for our event! Four (4) advertising slots will be accommodated in this highly visible banner position. Advertisement size is 728 x 90.