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Top Things I Can’t Wait To Experience At The TCFStyle Expo!

26 Jul 2017

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Girrrl! Listen. The TCFStyle Expo is in TWO days!! TWOOO! Eeek! I am so excited. Do you have your tickets for the weekend? Are you ready to shop ’til you drop? Network until you know your net worth and dance until you get your groove back? Oh My Goodness! I can’t contain how excited I am for another trip to Atlanta for this event. Marie and the TCFStyle Expo Team puts so much time and effort into this event and each year it gets bigger and better. I am personally loving it! I am so excited about the line up of inspirational events, shopping, fashion shows, vendors, and food.

Five Things I Am Looking Forward To At The TCFStyle Expo

Leader’s in the Industry (Moguls, Celebrity Stylist, Influencers, Designers etc.)

Think big and write out one question you want to ask your favorite industry leader. Be also ready because you never know who you are going to meet.

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Have you see the line up? The best of the best will be in the building. Hush your mouth and get your coins up. My first few stops are in this order: Ashley Stewart, Courtney Noelle, Christian OmeShun, and REBDOLLS…OH MY!!!

Fashion Shows

Ashley Stewart always does it big in this department.  And there is something even bigger going on this year, the expo with a feature the big, sexy, handsome and swagalicious of Big Man Culture men and it is going to be fire!

I also can’t wait to see returning host Chenese Lewis and V104’s Big Ray!

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Yes, this is #2 on my list, but I am telling you if you do not own a pair or six of Bandelettes you do not know what sexy really is.. get you some and thank me later.

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Marie the Curvy Fashionista

Watching Marie and following her blog growth over the years has been exhilarating. I know that she is a true boss in the industry and remains true to who she is and to her brand. This move to Atlanta was strategic and BOSS. I always enjoy seeing her and I am thankful for the opportunities and wisdom that she provides for so many influencers.

I can hardly sleep thinking about how much fun and networking there will be. Take advantage of all the tips you have been reading over the last few months and start packing now! Bring your girls and guy and I’ll see you in the A.

Get Your TCFStyle Expo Tickets Here!

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