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Panel Spotlight: This Body: A Conversation About Self-Acceptance, Body Image And Size Diversity Presented by Lane Bryant

04 Aug 2016

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Hey Curvy Cutie!

Another day, another post filled with great news about the TCFStyle Expo! By now, you should see the direction that we are going in and that we meant it when we stated that this year’s TCFStyle Expo would be bigger and better. More shopping options, more brand involved and more information for our industry’s top influencers.

As a plus size woman I know that we have all struggled about loving our curves. I also know that society views us as the”ugly ducklings” because of our size but that is not our truth. It is important that women understand that your size says nothing about who you are, unless you’re buying clothes. We have to learn to have the conversations needed to teach other plus size women to dismiss society’s beauty standards and embrace ourselves for the beautiful women we are- unapologetically.

Illustration by Gabriele Pennacchioli "Selfie"
Illustration by Gabriele Pennacchioli “Selfie”

Today is the day you see beauty within you! TCFStyle Expo will be having a “This Body: A Conversation About Self-Acceptance, Body Image and Size Diversity” panel hosted by Lane Bryant. Included in your Expo ticket, this panel will happen on Saturday, August 13th at 3pm! The panel will focus on women owning their curves, loving the skin they’re in and gaining self-confidence!

This-Body-Panel (1)

This year, The Curvy Fashionista invited us to adopt her motto for 2016 and “Own It”; and that is exactly what we are encouraging you to do!  We want you to feel proud about your body and our hope is that this panel will help with that! Our speaker lineup for this panel has great insight, knowledge and thoughts about body image with the plus size industry. We are more than excited for you to meet and converse with such amazing individuals!

This year we have to pleasure to bring to you Jes Baker author of Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls, Alysse Dalessandro blogger of Stare Style and designer of Ready To StareMaui Bigelow, blogger of PHAT Girl Fresh and designer Lakrisha of Lavender’s Jungle! The panel will be moderated by comedian Erica Watson, so you know it is about to be lit!

What would you like to ask your favorite body image champion??

You will be giving a chance to ask questions to each amazing guest speakers. We want you to leave this panel discussion with the best tips and guides regarding your loving your body and how you own your body image.

Get your tickets today!

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