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The 2017 TCFStyle Expo Wouldn’t Have Happened Without…

02 Aug 2017

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It’s a wrap!!! The 2017 TCFStyle Expo was a complete success. I have so many great memories and so much more inspiration! But with success also comes help and honestly it is the time to give some much deserved shout outs! This year’s expo could not have been done without the help of the key players behind the scenes. A huge thanks and hugs to you all, hats off!

B Memorable Events

Offers you a full-service event planning for your social and professional events. They cater to all your needs and vision in design, décor, and much more for your event. All custom, creative looks, and above all creates memories; B Memorable Events came through and made the venue look great and truly captured what the blog stands for!

Cobb Galleria Team

Being one of Atlanta’s premier conference facilities they truly stuck to what they stand for. The Cobb Galleria opened their doors to us with great smiles and great vibes. They helped so much throughout the pre-planning and during the Expo. So happy with how things turned out with the venue. The space they provided was perfect and I could have not asked for a better space and service. They truly accommodated to all our needs and kept everything in tip top shape!

Coastal Drapes

Did an awesome job with the drapery. The Expo would not have looked as fabulous at it did if we didn’t have them as part of the team! It added that pop every event needs! A very classic and clean look! Coastal Drapes gave the expo so much life!

Julius Greene

A huge thanks to Julius , 4thGenCreations, and his graphic design expertise. There was not one thing he could not do! From flyers, posters, signs, programs, and schedules designs all done by him!

A Better Sign

Printing was hazel free with A Better Sign by our side! Flyers, posters, signs, all you can imagine…Thank for being kick ass!

The DJ Team

So how about that music?! Thanks so much to The DJ Team for keeping us entertained with all that music. If it wasn’t for you guys we would be in a huge room without good vibes! It’s for sure kept us breaking out some moves here and there, bobbing our heads, and well a little beyonce always fixes things!

Special thanks to our visual team that provided all the pictures, videos, and captured all the moments we will remember of the 2017 TCFStyle Expo:

Red Carpet Express

Afif at Studio Prime

Chase Reign


Howell Designs

Everyone honestly came through in the most amazing way! They made The 2017 TCFStyle Expo all that it could be and made every detail count whether it was visual, music, video, and pictures to make this moment the most memorable.  Thank you so much to you all! And…

Keep your eyes out for 2018 TCFStyle Expo News!

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