Plus Size Models at the 2015 TCFStyle Expo

Girls, Girls, Girls! Our First TCFStyle Expo Model Call!

HEY GIRL HEY! Happy Fashionista Friday!

Today, I have more exciting news from the desk of the TCFStyle Expo. As we have been telling you, there are so many new and exciting things being added to this year’s TCFStyle Expo and today I am sharing yet another. I know that you curvy cuties are thinking, how much more news do they have; well let me tell you that we have a lot more to share. It is our goal to not only have a diverse group of attendees but to assure that each person is engaged and entertained.

Plus Size Models at the 2015 TCFStyle Expo

Due to the response of Ashley Stewart‘s runway segment last year, there will be two fashion shows during this year’s TCFStyle Expo. This year’s fashion will include our presenting sponsor Ashley Stewart and many of our 2016 vendors and sponsors! We, the TCFStyle Squad, want to assure that you are entertained because we know that our curvy fashionistas love fashion and a fashion show with the latest trends is just like us… A PLUS (you see what I did there)! Not only that, we have to have our live models back! THIS was such a hit!

Great news huh? Yeah I know, and that isn’t even what I am here to tell you about. LOL!


For our Expo, we all know that there are two vital factors when having a fashion show and live models; one are the clothes and the other are the models. Since we know that our participants have the clothes, it is our job to assure that the models are in place. So, to work this out and to support our local models…

We Are Hosting a Model Call!

Yes boo! We are looking for a few great fierce and curvy models! Whether you are a seasoned pro or a new face, we want ladies who are confident and have what it takes to rip the runway to shreds!

Plus Size Models at the 2015 TCFStyle Expo

So many of you have sent messages and made comments on our different social media platforms inquiring about how you could be a model for the event. As promised, I am delivering the goods; right here right now! Listed below, you will find everything you need to know about the TCFStyle casting call which is being hosted by blogger Nikki Free!

2016 TCFStyle Expo Model Casting

Hosted by Nikki Free Style

Date: 5.21.16 

Time: 2-6 pm 

Location: Ashley Stewart at Camp Creek

(3755 Carmia Dr SW, East Point, GA 30344)
And guess what? Ashley Stewart will also be BOGO 50% off, so also come ready to shop and maybe even dance a bit! I know I have my eye on a few things! I am sooo hyped about this! We cannot wait to meet all of you! 11222903_792546620863726_6681939222844570497_n

What to bring?

In addition to your A-Game:

  • Please wear heels you can walk in
  • A Comp Card or Photo with a clear shot of your body and face
  • Clothes that let us see your shape!

Well now that you have all of the information, you can make plans to be in the building ready and properly prepared to strut and shop!

18 thoughts on “Girls, Girls, Girls! Our First TCFStyle Expo Model Call!

  1. I am really upset, I want to do the modeling but living in Ohio and taking a 8 hour drive for a one day casting call is hard. Can I ask why can’t there be a casting call a day before so us that are coming in for the ExPo can have a chance to enter. Just asking.

    1. Hello Tracy…
      I’m sorry that we are only having a local casting, but we need to have time for fittings, production, and for planning…

      This is our first casting for this event, so we shall see what the turnout will be!

  2. Could you please allow for another date for the model casting. I love to participate but won’t return to GA until Sunday after. Could you add a casting for the following weekend? Please and thank you! !!

    1. If you can walk tall! You never know! I have known some models who are under 5’8″ and walk with the best of them!

  3. I really wish that our northern staes had opportunities like this. Living in Michigan sucks! We don’t get many opportunities like the great ones like this one. I do hope in the future, you guys offer events like this closer ro our home town. Being an Ashley Stewart model/ representative has been my biggest dream. I wish you all a fun and successful occurance in your event.
    -Maurica The Model.


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