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TCFStyle Expo: Influencing The Next Generation

21 Jul 2017

Hey Boss Lady!

Yes you, the mom/auntie mom of that teen girl! Did you know the stress of being a teenage girl in today’s society is unreal? The peer pressure of what they look like, what they wear, their grades, what types of jobs they want to work, and who they choose to befriend is almost unbearable. Society is telling her that she is not worthy, she should wear this, she should speak like that, or that a specific profession is not for her.

Well, I’m here to remind you that influencing the next generation is not optional and raising a young #girlboss is still possible. Today I am sharing how one ticket to the TCFStyle Expo can help influence the next generation of girls.

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The TCFStyle Expo is more than the premiere shopping event of the south! It is a time where women and now men of all walks of life and success come together to share the love for the business of fashion, dope style, health and wellness, how to model at any size, entrepreneurship, and so much more! It’s an opportunity for your girls to see that education does matter, success is attainable, and hard work truly pays off! A place where wealth is not just about money. It’s time to shop and enjoy all while absorbing knowledge and networking with the greats within the industry.

The Expo provides a safe space for your girls to see women uplifting other women, entrepreneurs, designers, brand ambassadors, moguls, celebrity stylists, models, momprenuers, and women who are beautiful and successful, but who were once just like them. Who probably felt many of the pressure that they now feel. What better time to show them what real boss status looks like when you take control of your own destiny?

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The search for positive role models is over! This year’s TCFStyle Expo is exactly where young girls need to be to see body positive excellence in action.  And did you know there will be a performance by Pretty Big Movement?

Shake That Body! Pretty Big Movement Closes 2017 TCFStyle Expo With Workshop & Performance!

Make it a girls day out and let her bring a friend or two to this life changing experience. See you at the event!

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