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TCFStyle Expo Welcomes City Chic as our Silver Sponsor!

25 Jul 2017

Are you all excited? It’s finally expo week, and to add more to the excitement, today we are giving you more great news! As we are getting to the final details of the expo, we want to give a shoutout to everybody that helped us through this journey, we all know this event couldn’t be possible without all the people and brands supporting us, so this time I want to give the spotlight and welcome our new Silver Sponsor City Chic!

Let us tell you about City Chic!

The Australian based plus size retailer has been making a name for itself over the past few years, by giving an inspiration to their customers to live life to its fullest and taking chances. They create an atmosphere that is “bold, confident and inspiring”.

City Chic means confidence, powerful beauty, independent style and trying new things.

Forget the everyday norm; it’s time to empower women across the globe to embrace who they are with our bold, sexy, glam and chic style With City Chic, there’s no abiding by the ‘rules’ of fashion only the rules of “fit”. It is in everything we do; from our quintessential shopping experience to our design collection with a unique to chic fit, fabric and print mix.

City Chic was founded in 2006 to give the curvy girls with passion for fashion a place to shop the hottest trends. The brand started with only 6 stores, but today they own over 100 stores across the globe, becoming the leading global plus size fashion retailer with unique styles, fabric, and print mix.

You can shop and learn more about the brand at

So… Have you got your tickets, yet? You don’t want to miss out on this year’s TCFStyle Expo!!

get your tcfstyle expo tickets here!

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