TCFStyle Expo Welcomes Chevy as our Stage Sponsor

Happy Thursday! Are you ready for some more news? First, we announced the return of Ashley Stewart as our Title Sponsor and Dia & Co as our Supporting Sponsor and today, we are back with another Sponsorship announcement! Are you ready? I am!

We are so hyped for our TCFStyle Expo 2017, this year we are adding more to the mix! More fashion, more shopping, and more fun!! On our previous blog post we told you about the return of Dia & Co as our supporting sponsor. Well, today, I want you to fasten your seatbelt and get ready for our latest news! Today, we are too geeked to announce the return of another amaaaaaaazing sponsor: Chevrolet!!  We are over the moon to welcome them back and THIS YEAR as our Stage Sponsor!

Did you catch that?

Chevy Returns to the TCFStyle Expo as Our Stage Sponsor!

Last year they joined our sponsorship team and this year, they are stepping it up! BUT if you haven’t had the chance to check them out, you should visit to learn all about the various models, to make a mental note of which one you’ll be able to check out while at the expo!
And Fun Fact… Chevy is Marie’s favorite car! Her first car was a Chevy Camaro, and currently she’s rocking the Chevy Cruze!!

Ohhhhhh and there’s a huge surprise. Are you ready? For this year’s expo we are doing a “Ride and Drive,” where you will have the chance to take pictures, check out some cool features, and even test-drive a brand new Chevy car! It’ll be so much fun!!!
We are soooo excited Chevy is returning to our TCFStyle Expo. We are very happy to welcome them back in our TCFStyle Expo family!!
Have you gotten your tickets yet? They are on sale and you do not want to miss out on this!

Get your tickets here!!

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