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TCFStyle Expo Beauty Bar Sponsored By Magnolia Makeup

13 Jul 2015

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Magnolia Makeup

Yes, yes, YES!!! Today we have more amazing and developing news about the TCFStyle Expo.  As stated on nearly every post, each day we are pleased to share more information in regards the event. Most of this good news is about the involvement of so many great brands.  One of those amazing brands is Magnolia Makeup.

Magnolia Makeup, is a New Orleans, Louisiana based brand that is devoted to adding color to the lives of women.  Magnolia Makeup is known for their highly pigmented products while allow it’s customers to create a look for day or night.

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We are so excited that Magnolia Makeup has decided to help bring The Curvy Fashionista blog to life by sponsoring a beauty bar during the TCFStyle Expo.  All of the fashionistas will have the opportunity to get a light beat, products and tips from the brand’s owner, ambassadors and makeup artists.

And after the beat? You will have the chance to buy a few goodies to take home with you!

Still haven’t purchased your tickets? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON! Get them now before they sell out!

Head on over to to get your tixs!

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