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Models wearing shades and Magnolia Makeup

TCFBeauty: 7 Instagram Cuties in Magnolia Makeup

17 Nov 2015

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Hey Girl Hey!

Models wearing shades and Magnolia MakeupToday we want to talk #TCFBeauty because one thing we know about a curvy fashionista, is that she is the complete package. She leaves no stone unturned, which means she has her chic together from head to toe. She is not afraid to exhibit her curvy confidence with a fly hairstyle, and fleeky beat or some dope nail art… a curvy fashionista is here for all of that!

When having the conversation of #TCFBeauty, we have to insert Magnolia Makeup. It is a hot brand that has really taken off in the past year. While they have been on our radar for a while, we fell in love after have them at this years TCFStyle Expo. All of their products are very pigmented and of great quality which is why they are one of our #TCFBeauty faves.

In the event that you are unfamiliar with Magnolia Makeup, we want to share some looks with you courtesy of some of instagram’s cuties using the hashtag #Magnoliamakeup.


1. Be it work, play or a little bit of both; you can’t go wrong with this matte red lippie.

Caught @megbeatsface off guard. She’s rocking our lip color in Kitten. Thanks for your help. #magnoliamakeup #makeup

A photo posted by MagnoliaMakeup (@magnoliamakeup) on

2. Although we are not afraid to be bold, sometimes a natural look and a nude lippie makes the statement you want to make.

3. A pop of color always does the job whether it is fashion or makeup…

4. The glow paired with Magnolia Makeup’s pink ombre lippie is giving me life, how about you?

5. Yes! Glitter! Oh, and we are loving this violet lippie.

@magnoliamakeup Midnight Violet liquid lipstick and their purple glitter ? #tbt #skin #nofilter #magnoliamakeup #eyecugorgeous

A photo posted by E Y E C U G O R G E O U S (@eyecugorgeous) on

6. It’s not easy being green but she makes it look effortless.

The look from tonight’s Highlighting and Contouring #makeup #magnoliamakeup Catch the replay on Periscope. A photo posted by MagnoliaMakeup (@magnoliamakeup) on

7. Polished to perfection, the Magnolia Makeup way.

If you’re still not convinced or need a little inspiration, follow Magnolia Makeup on Instagram and check the hashtag #magnoliamakeup!

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