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Toy Monique, a Los Angeles based writer and producer, is currently promoting her latest short film “A Guide to Love,” and adapting her novel series into screenplays, while supporting scripted and unscripted television at Will Packer Media.  

Toy Monique, a native of Chicago, is most known for her work as a full figured model, author and philanthropist. She has graced numerous fashion runways in New York, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago – and has been featured as a print model for clients domestically and internationally. Interviews and photo credits from various commercial campaigns and major media outlets include, USA Today, Plus Model Magazine, and Chicago Tribune. 

Toy Monique’s primary focus in entertainment is creating and ensuring plus size women (and men) are equally represented on screen as more than comic relief or a problem to be fixed – instead in leading roles, as the sexy, confident, successful beauties they are in real life! 

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