Shaina Harrison

Shaina Harrison also known as Out of the Corner is a Life stylist and Blogger ( has dedicated her time to Styling lives by creating brave spaces’. Out of the Corner believes a stylist job is to do more than showing her client how to rock the newest trend. She focuses on connecting the dots between self-esteem, self-love, fashion and trauma offering her clients a holistic approach.  Out of the Corner teaches us how to look good from the inside out. She’s a Teacher, a Blogger an Activist, a Crisis Councilor, a Friend, a Comedian, a Stylist, and your Sister.
Over the years Shaina has styled plus size fashion look books and facilitated hundreds of trauma and wellness training’s encouraging her to create the Brave Space INC. ‘Styling Lives by Creating Brave Spaces. A culmination of events and workshops that foster spaces where different points on a journey of learning and growing are acknowledged.  Through interactive presentations, participants engage in critical dialog on self-esteem, beauty, love, sisterhood and trauma.  Workshops coined by the Brave Space Inc, “Recovering from Our Childhoods”, “PLUS and Proud” , “Falling in Love from the Inside Out” and “Motherless Children.” Shaina’s commitment to building stronger communities and power-fullness has been documented by the New Yorker, NBC TV’s Here and Now, NY1 and many other media outlets. Shaina Harrison holds a B.A. from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. A certificate in Fashion Styling from F.I.T