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Reah Norman

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Reah Norman is a stylist, fashion expert, editorial director, digital influencer and host, who’s work with leading plus size fashion brands and celebrities has helped redefine plus size style and how fashion, as an industry, and the media perceive it.

Over the past 10 years, Reah has been recognized for her outstanding work in editorial, advertising, e-commerce, and personal styling. In addition, she has contributed her expertise as a plus size fashion editor, brand consultant, and most recently a host and on-air talent.

As founder of Styled by Reah, she delivers daily fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration, showcases her own personal plus size style, and shares her styling knowledge with thousands of fans and followers. Reah created the #SBRStyleStarhashtag for her readers and social network to celebrate and share their incredible plus size style and spread the inspiration!

Reah loves connecting with plus size women and helping them feel great about themselves by offering them a fresh perspective on fashion, educating and giving them tools to look their best, and helping them discover their personal style. She proudly represents the positive side of plus, and works to empower women to look and feel great, so matter what their size”.

Reah currently resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and English Bulldog, Bosley.


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