PrincessBellaaa by Karla Tobie

PrincessBellaaa by Karla Tobie

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Karla Tobie is a beauty influencer, entrepreneur and body positivity advocate whose impact has caused brands to name her “one of the most influential beauty brands in the world”. 

Born in St. Lucia, and now deeply rooted in New York City, Karla’s impact on the beauty industry – through videos, viral campaigns and appearances, has catapulted her from small videos in her bedroom mirror to the main stage with a following that now spans millions. 

Her empire is home to the leading portfolio of global, multi-platform creative brands including her beauty influencer alter-ego, Princess Bellaaa.

Through film, digital content, live events, merchandise, branded content and more, she connects millions of people with high-profile and high net-worth brands in over six million homes and 11 countries, annually.

With a brand built on creativity, Karla created the “Princess Bellaaa” brand – an alter-ego brand, turned empire, whose mission is to represent, empower, inspire and promote diversity in beauty and the media through visuals, campaigns, social media and her creative content brand: Karla Tobie Media.

At the heart of her work is her love for young girls and her dedication to reinforcing their confidence. When asked where she will be five years from now, her answer is loud and clear: “I will be where God places me, my mission is to seek His kingdom and all other things will be added unto me.”

Karla Tobie can be found inspiring the next crop of powerful young women while impacting brands – all from the beautiful city of Brooklyn, New York.


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