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Meaghan O’Connor

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Witty, creative and fashion-obsessed, Meaghan O’Connor lives in Long Island, New York and is working as a freelance wardrobe stylist and blogger.

Her past experiences has allowed her the opportunity to diversify her skills from leadership and management to merchandising, consulting and styling. Passionate about the fashion industry, Meaghan carved out her own space in her blog/styling website, Little Lime Dress where she continues to work towards her mission of providing women with access to fashion & style tips, tricks and advice from a reliable source while also providing the services of a personal stylist.

With in-store appearances and co-branded events among other collaborations, it’s clear Meaghan’s professional demeanor and keen sense of style have helped secure her position as a successful and reliable source in the fashion industry.

Meaghan continues to work as both an editorial and commercial stylist, while placing her main focus on celebrity styling. She prides herself on creating an experience for each of her clients, Marrying a high-touch, concierge level treatment with laser focus attention to detail, she has been able to not only land on notable looks for each of her clients, but also assist them in building their individual style personalities.

While her website is not deemed exclusively plus size, the style-obsessed founder remains steady in her mission to bring the straight and plus size world together in one space; providing high-fashion interpretations and making runway trends wearable for the everyday woman. Meaghan is a supporter of self acceptance, and her work to promote a positive body image is clear in her writing on Little Lime Dress as well as her other projects.

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