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Lorna Finn

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Lorna Finn is a Model, PCOS Advocate, Blogger, and Mentor whose primary focus is to challenge women to love themselves through all life’s unpredictable obstacles. The word “cystum” was derived from the word cyst, a characteristic of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome); a syndrome that Lorna herself suffers from. PCOS is known to attack the femininity of being a woman, and more importantly, makes it difficult to achieve weight-loss.

However, instead of letting her chronic condition cripple her potential, Lorna decided to transform herself and use her syndrome as a platform for inspiration and motivation for others. Her focus is to establish a creative space that addresses; wisdom, beauty, health, fashion, and all things curvaceous. As a public figure, she hopes that she inspires other women to ‘love the curves they’re in’ and to encourage every woman to be bold in their chosen life paths.  



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