Jazmine Boatman

Jazmine Boatman

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Jazz Boatman (aka Jazzthebat) is a black, plus-sized and super tall comic artist and illustrator with a passion for story telling and promoting diversity in fiction and geek culture. She’s an avid fan of superhero comics and video games, and she’s been bringing her favorite characters to life via cosplay since 2013.  Whether it be in her art or cosplay, she believes in the importance of individual style and being true to oneself regardless of what haters on the internet have to say. 

She’s everyone’s biggest fan and #1 cheerleader and she wants to see everyone living their best life by doing the things they love with confidence and zero fear.  

She tends to shy away from social media but you can sometimes find her on Instagram and Twitter laughing at memes and advocating for the visibility and positive representation of marginalized groups in pop culture.  

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