Cassandra (Cassy) Jones-McBryde

Cassandra (Cassy) Jones-McBryde

Cassandra (Cassy) Jones-McBryde is a social entrepreneur who has a long-standing commitment to the empowerment and positive development of women and girls internationally and specifically in Detroit.

Cassandra founded The International Fuller Woman Network in 2009 and produces body positive initiatives like The International Fuller Woman Expo in Africa, Asia and the United States. Cassandra also serves as the Features Editor for Daily Venus where she is tasked with creating content that provides news and information that affects all women.

Cassandra began as a volunteeri for Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE) a non profit that focuses on the economic empowerment for survivors of domestic violence and in 2015 she became SAFE’s Executive Board Chair and has led many initiatives and community events.

Cassandra is also a Steering Committee Member of Transformation Detroit. which is a project comprised of multi-disciplinary agencies designed to be a catalyst to enhancing the ability of community partners in providing battered women in Detroit, who have mental health and trauma challenges, culturally relevant and appropriate services, support and resources that increase their resiliency and empower them to overcome the impact of the violence.

Cassandra’s dedication to making sure that the next generation of Detroit-area women feel loved and valued was part of the driving force behind the creation of the nonprofit organization, Pretty Girl Project where she is the co-founder and C.E.O.  It aims to help girls realize their inner and outer beauty during their critical stages of development. This is achieved through initiatives like the Pretty Prom Princess Event that gifts prom dresses, accessories,career counseling, etiquette training and age-appropriate make up classes to Detroit-area teens in need.

Cassandra has dedicated her life to helping women overcome adversity, improve their self-image and build a community of positive support. Although her reach has expanded beyond Detroit, she has an ever-present focus on the needs of the women of her beloved city.