LaKrisha Joseph-Baker

LaKrisha Joseph-Baker

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Originally from Wichita, KS, Lavender’s Jungle designer La Krisha Joseph-Baker joined the Atlanta fashion scene in 2012. La Krisha knew at an early age fashion was her passion.  Throughout her life she designed and constructed wedding gowns, business wear, club wear, and a variety of other garments to help celebrate special events in her family and friends lives.  Classically trained by her Great Grandmother, a master seamstress, she refers to her technique as “old school.” “If the seams of a garment didn’t line up, no matter how long you worked on it, my great grandmother would rip it apart. It teaches you to put your best work forward the first time,” La Krisha explained.


In four years, La Krisha has produced 11 collections. In 2013, La Krisha hit the ground running, taking Full Figured Models to places untapped in the Full Figured Industry; she directed and coordinated an underwater photo shoot for her 2013 Spring/Summer campaign entitled “Mermaid’s Paint” featuring celebrity model Kai Morae. Infusing fashion, theater and music La Krisha marveled the fashion world when she showcased five collections at the debut of the Fashion Playhouse, a magical night featuring exaggerated characters and exciting events that provided the audience an interactive experience in the Spring of 2015.

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