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Size Inclusivity App Platform, ALL GO is coming to the expo!!

28 Jun 2018

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The TCFStyle Expo is more than a plus size fashion and beauty event. It’s a platform for generating discussions, community involvement and creating new outlets to expand the conversation on size inclusivity. With panels covering various topics like body positivity and society to dressing your body no matter your size or age. And today we are honored to announce our newest partnership with size inclusivity brand company, ALL GO!

What is AllGo?
AllGo is a review site where fat people rate the comfort and accessibility of places so others can know what it’s like.

How does it work?
AllGo reviews are straight from the source: large-bodied people like us who’ve been there before and want to share what it was like.

We are so here for everything ALL GO stands for! Recently we feature them on The Curvy Fashionista. We had to bring them to the expo!

Let get to know more about this awesome company.

Under the leadership of girl bosses Rebecca Alexander and Michele Amar, All Go is building a better place for bigger bodies. By asking one simple question “Can we all go there?”, the ALL GO brand is opening the doors for new opportunity and quality of life for those affected by their services.


Size inclusivity is often overlooked in the conversation about diversity and inclusion, yet it affects 100 million Americans. The biases that exist for fat people are significant, and data shows that it leads to paying gaps and lower rates of employment and promotion. Addressing these challenges starts by building a culture of inclusivity.

The ALL GO also works with brands to make their corporate spaces welcoming to bodies of all sizes. Working with clients who are ready to think inclusively and cohesively about how they value the people represented in their organization or business spaces like waiting rooms, conference rooms, co-working arrangements, break rooms, cafeterias, offices and more.

While currently in the Kickstarter phase, ALL GO will be a review app designed explicitly for plus-size people to rate the comfort and accessibility of public places. Donate to the kickstarter fund here, and be sure to share the campaign wherever you can!

Want to know about this fantastic brand? Find them at

Join us August 11th &12th at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA for the 2018 TCFStyle Expo!
Tickets are on sale now!

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