Beyond Modeling… The Many Ways To Be Involved in the Community

In this open panel discussion, there will be a broad range of topics that discuss and convey how new individuals in the plus size community can get involved in the curvy community. There are a plethora of bloggers, models, and entrepreneurs ready to take the plus industry by storm. With this panel discussion, it will not provide a concise framework to break into the plus industry, but an overarching guide on how to make a splash while doing it. This panel will be a fun discussion that embodies comedy and knowledge, all while affirming that individuals can catch the new wave that is entering the plus community. Key takeaways include:

  • Leave with an overwhelming amount of knowledge on how to be leading industry professionals in the plus size community
  • Gather a concise outline of what it takes to be a blogger, entrepreneur or model in the industry
  • Understanding of how to implement their social media accounts for the overall success of their platform
  • Leave feeling encouraged and empowered to start their own business, become a blogger or begin their modeling journey in the plus size industry
  • Gain a wealth of knowledge from women and men alike who started this journey and have been successful thus far

Learn from Frank Grimsley, Rachel Cadie, Brianne Huntsman in this panel discussion.