Saturday Panel Spotlight- Model 101: So You Want to Be a Model?

Are you a model who is looking for a few tips and pointers to kick start your plus size modeling career? Well, we are more than excited to bring you more fabulous speakers! On Saturday’s TCFStyle Expo day at 5pm, join us for a fancy panel with your favorite plus size models and photographers!

liris crosse panelist

Plus Model Liris Crosse

We have heard your call, cry, and questions to learn about breaking into the field and to help you out, we have brought in some amazing panelists! Our “Model 101” panel will provide you the best information you within the plus size modeling industry. You learn from the greatest models and photographers in the industry, like model Liris Crosse, agent/model Alexander Boos, photographer Lesley Pedraza, Plus Model Chyna McGarity- all moderated by the luminous Sharon Quinn!

Model-101-FlyerThese wonderful ladies have been in the game years and are ready to share great tips with you. There is no other place to gain such great information!

If you are an aspiring model, then this is the panel for you! Learn how to enter into, further along, and equip yourself with all of the right tools to get your modeling career together! All at the 2016 TCFStyle Expo!

Do you have your tickets? Get them NOW!

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