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Are you Ready? Here are 9 Reasons To Vend at the TCFStyle Expo!

28 Feb 2018

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Have you been thinking about vending at the TCFStyle Expo and had a few questions, wanted to know what and how you can benefit from it?

Each year, the 4th annual TCFStyle Expo welcomes over 50+ vendors to provide a celebratory experience around Plus Size and Big & Tall fashion. And guess what? We would love for you to join us! And since we had a few questions around vending, we thought to share a few highlights, answer a few questions, and share why this expo is where the party is at! Celebratory, resourceful, and engaging, vending can help you grow, build, and even establish your brand!

The TCFStyle Expo brings together all sectors of the plus size fashion industry together, under one roof!

Here is what you have missed from the past two years!

The Top Nine Reasons to be a Vendor at Our 2018 TCFStyle Expo

Get from Behind the Desk and In Person!

As Plus Size women and Big & Tall men, most of our options are online only… what a better way than to get out, in front of a captive audience, and engage! Meet locals, out of town attendees, blogger, fellow business owners, and more- connecting in a personal way!

You Have the Flexibility to Pay

After you submit your application and upon approval, you will have two weeks to either submit a 50% percent deposit to secure your spot or pay the full vendor rate upfront! This will give you more time to plan, prepare, and get ready for a jam-packed weekend.

Get Ready for the Booth Contest!

You’ve spent months planning, budgeting and executing the perfect vendor booth. We want to reward you for all your hard work! Throughout the TCFStyle Expo, attendees will vote on their favorite and most memorable booth. Once we have our winners, the winning booth will be presented with an amazing prize package!

MVP Collections at the TCFStyle Expo

The Ideal Shopper

We bring a fun cross section of shoppers looking for the best deals and newest items available to them. With the majority of our attendees in the 25-45 age range, spending an average of $150+ at the event, they bring along their intergenerational family members, too! For this event, you are in for a treat! Even better, as we prepare all vendors with marketing materials, you will have the tools to invite your local clients  as well!

Soak up the Knowledge with our Vendor Workshops

This year, you will have two vendor workshops- each before doors open! Learn how to find and work with influencers, the benefits of contracts, how to raise awareness of your brand and more with TCFStyle Expo creator, Marie Denee and guests! Paired with Coffee and light refreshments to get you going, our workshops will provide the safe space to ask pointed questions, gain industry insights, and hit the floor empowered with knowledge to help you have a prosperous event!

Your Vendor Spotlight & Interview

Beyond just a note about your brand, we will be doing vendor spotlights on each and every one of our 2018 Vendors! You will be able to tell us a little about yourself, your rand, and leave our readers with a little bit more insight about you! Upon confirmation of being selected and your deposit received, you will receive a link to your spotlight questions!

Live Models

A hit since we implemented this, Live Models give an added touch to your garments and booth! It is one thing to see how the dress or your product hangs, but a whole other thing when you see it on a live model! When filling out your application, make sure you tick off that you want a live model!

Networking, Networking, Networking!

The TCFStyle Expo is an event where you will connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, plus size influencers, potential brand models, and your future customer! You may even find the perfect photographers, makeup artist or stylist that you want to work with again in the future. Come prepared to create great business connections for your brand!

Build that List!

What a better way to capture live leads, put names to faces, and to grow your potential clientele? Your list is the most valuable piece of marketing that you have and what better way to add to that, than with a captive audience!

No matter the reason, there are more than a few benefits that you can take advantage of, by vending at the TCFStyle Expo! We cannot wait to see you and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

If you are ready to fill out your application, click here to get started!

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