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Calling All Plus Size and Big and Tall Cosplay Lovers!

24 May 2018

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Hey Girl Hey!! Today we have more exciting news from the expo home base. As you may know, we’re huge fans of plus size cosplay over here. We can’t get enough of seeing plus size and big and tall women and men expressing themselves in the cosplay community. So when given the opportunity to bring this community to the expo, we are full on board!

That’s right today we are calling out all PLUS SIZE COSPLAY FANS to join us at the 2018 TCFStyle Expo!!!

So what do you know about cosplay?
For those of us who are unfamiliar, what is cosplay?
Cosplay is a combination of the words “costume” and “play.” Most cosplayers make or buy costumes to represent their favorite characters. The “play” in cosplayer takes from the personality change cosplayer go into when they become the essence of the character they’re role-playing, bringing them to life. Whether it’s posing as them for pictures or responding to people in the way, their character would. A cosplayer can be from all sorts of media: anime, video games, comic books, sci-fi, original characters, anything is fair game, which makes it really fun. The creativity is amazing!

For those who participate in cosplay, this is not a game, this powerful form of expression or homage to a favorite movie /comic character is liberating. And you know we are always here for anything and everything that uplifts our community. In the plus size world, this expression is empowering. So whether you can choose a costume that brings out your inner hero or villain (your choice), we want you!
Pretty exciting right? We can’t wait to see who shows up!

Are you into cosplay? Do you know someone who is into cosplay? Make sure you let them know we would love for them to come out!

Tickets are now on sale for the 2018 TCFStyle Expo!

Never know, we may have a surprise or two up our sleeve.

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