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Panel Spotlight: Style Has No Age or Size Panel presented by Lane Bryant

21 Jun 2017

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Hands down, one of the most life-enriching experiences of the TCFStyle Expo is the panels. I liken them to in-depth conversations with a room full of friends, where you are almost always guaranteed to walk away full from serious helpings of tasty food for thought.

In the upcoming weeks leading up to the Expo, being held July 28th & 29th in Atlanta, Georgia, we will be taking a moment to give you a very exclusive sneak peek at the panels planned for your enjoyment! Cool? Cool! Have you checked out our event schedule? There are two days of amazingness happening! Check out what we have for you, in the first of our panel spotlights!)

Panel Spotlight: Style Has No Age or Size Panel

presented by Lane Bryant

While plus size brands, designers and influencers have made great strides solidifying a seat at the table that is the fashion industry, has the invite only been given to a select few, as opposed to everyone deserving? Are things like race, body type, and more specifically, AGE a deciding factor in who gets the spotlight? Attendees of the TCFStyle Expo get a unique opportunity to join us as we discuss this and more!

Often when the subject of plus size fashion and style comes up, women over 35 are quite frequently excluded from that conversation. We firmly believe that this needs to change. This is why the aim of the panel is to not only have this very important discussion, but to expose attendees to stylish older women in hopes to empower everyone to embrace both their sizes AND their ages. The message of the panel is simple “Style has no age or size“. As for the curvy companions leading the panel? They are FAR from simple!

Meet Georgette

Panel Spotlight: Style Has No Age or Size Panel

Georgette Niles is the creator of the Philadelphia based blog Grown and Curvy Woman. Her blog was started five years ago around her 40th birthday to show women over the age of 35 that style has no age or size. Her blog encourages women to embrace their body and to be proud of their age in this youth obsessed society. Georgette hopes that fashion will one day embrace women of all ages and sizes. She has been featured in Redbook Magazine, People Style Watch, Essence online, Ebony, The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

Meet Jeniese

Jeniese Hosey lives in Birmingham, Alabama and is creator of the sensational blog, The Je ne sais quoi. She created her blog for two reasons: To express her love for all things fashionable and beautiful in life. Also, to challenge and motivate herself to  continue pursuing fashion, which is her true passion.
It is this spark and passion that makes her the perfect candidate to lead this very important discussion. She knows her ish when it comes to being plus size, fashionable and over thirty.

Meet Darlene

Panel Spotlight: Style Has No Age or Size Panel

Darlene Lebron is a keynote speaker, content creator and founder of Suits, Heels and Curves, I Am Redefining Healthy and Sofrito Magic. She is passionate about using fashion, beauty and physical movement to create a safe environment to initiate critical conversations surrounding self-acceptance, self-love, health and wellness. Through her blog Suits, Heels and Curves, Darlene shares with women that their size does not define who they are nor does it limit who they want or can be. Her goal is to guide them to live a fearless life full of color, passion and adventure covering topics of fashion, travel, beauty, skincare, love and illness.

Meet ShaKera

Meet The 2017 TCFStyle Squad
ShaKera is a Houston native with Texas-sized style and personality! She has been rocking our worlds as a part of the TCFStyle Squad and we are looking forward to her contributions to this very important conversation. Through her blog, The Real Sample Size, ShaKera works to encourage all women to step outside of their comfort zone by following her example. She’s full-figured woman that pushes the boundaries of the size chart while embracing every curve of her beautiful self and she wants to same for curvy women everywhere.

With a kick ass squad this exceptional leading the panel, you know it is an opportunity you do not want to miss… You read these ladies’ blogs, follow them on social media, and ooh and aah over their fierce and fabulous photos. Now you can join them live and in person for an intimate conversation that will surely blow your mind. Will we see you there?

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