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Panel Spotlight: Styled IV Life

19 Jul 2017

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If you were under the impression that our sweet little panel tea party was over, you are SO wrong… We’ve only just begun!! And not only have we only just begun, we have much more and more tea to share with you!

The 2017 TCFStyle Expo is a few DAYS away, and we are working double time to show you why it’s the place you really want to be this summer! So if your cup and saucers are primed and ready, I’ll start pouring!

Panel Spotlight: Styled IV Life

Styled IV Life (Styled 4 Life) is the collaborative efforts between two plus size fashionistas designed to encourage women to think critically about the way we see, dress, and love ourselves. The Body Positive movement is gaining recognition and support from people inside and out of the plus size community; however there is admittedly, much more than can be done.

And leading this charge for change are two plus size influencers who walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to body positivity and self acceptance. How psyched are we that they will be leading this inspirational and thought-provoking panel. Let’s take a moment to meet them now.

Meet Maui

Maui Bigelow is the curator of PHAT Girl Fresh, a lifestyle blog that caters to women and offers a feminist approach to life. The mission of PHAT Girl Fresh is to be a voice for women while encouraging them to find and use their own voices. She enjoys advocating for women and girls, staying informed on social, fashion and beauty trends and sharing her gifts with other women.

Meet Shaina

Shaina Harrison also known as Out of the Corner is a Life stylist, Activist and Blogger ( has dedicated her time to Styling lives by creating brave spaces. She focuses on connecting the dots between self-esteem, self-love, fashion and trauma offering her clients a holistic approach. Over the years Shaina has styled plus size fashion look books and on top of that, facilitated hundreds of trauma and wellness trainings which encouraged her to create the Brave Space INC. ‘Styling Lives by Creating Brave Spaces’.

As influencers in the plus size community, both Maui and Shaina see that there is a great need for women to receive the empowerment needed to be bold and unapologetic. How lucky are we that they have joined forces to provide that empowerment. This panel is going to be a life changer and is not to be missed!!

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