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Panel Spotlight: Size 20+ And How to Navigate It

20 Jun 2018

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Being size 20+ and recognized in the plus community by brands has often been a topic of discussion shared amongst plus size women. And while brands don’t generally advertise women of size 20+, some have learned to navigate through it all. Today we share the first of our 2018 TCFStyle Panel discussion, “Size 20+ And How to Navigate It.”

This panel is ready to talk openly about how to navigate society with positive vibes despite how plus size women are viewed. How do you keep self-esteem, self-care and maintaining a healthy mind despite social media and societal standards? Comprised of five 20+ bloggers and designers this panel is sure to open the floor for a real discussion.

Let meet the panelist for “Size 20+ And How to Navigate It” 

Meet Alicia Young

A writer and creator of the personal blog, AP Young.  Young uses her platform as an advocacy that includes Mental Health Awareness, Body Acceptance &Diversity, and Navigating life w/Chronic Illness.AP also has a passion for fashion; specifically for women of extended sizes! Through her blog and social media platforms; she attempts to encourage and inspire women to shed the stereotypes and step out of the boxes society tends to set for women over a size 24.

Meet Lisa Schoenberger

Canadian-based influencer Lisa Schoenberger created her blog MustangSallyTwo as a way to inspire others through sharing her own self-love journey in fashion, style and body acceptance as a size 26/28 woman. Her blog has grown tremendously since its launch in 2015, and in the process, she has become a body positive advocate and strong voice for size inclusion in fashion.

A CPA, CA by trade, Lisa represents the everyday woman who’s a confident professional that truly owns her style. Having worked with major brands such as Penningtons, Dove, and Lane Bryant, she continues to prove that beauty isn’t limited by size.

Meet Elle Dove

Owner full figure brand Lorenza James by Elle Dove. Dove, makes it a point to cater to all women in the plus community with her brand that carries sizes 10-34. With the majority of her pieces customizable. Her brand focuses on individuality combining comfort and style. Her firm stance on body diversity in the fashion industry and media representation sets her apart, passion for the plus community is innovative and forward thinking.

Meet Marcy Cruz

Freelance writer and author, Marcy Cruz is on a mission to empower everyone to love the skin they’re in. Her blog, Fearlessly Just Me is an inspiration in fashion, lifestyle and more. She ’s also a signed size 26+ fit model, the Blog Editor for PLUS Model Magazine and a First Fit Model/ Reviewer for Gwynnie Bee. From showcasing underrepresented bodies with The Lookbook Project to modeling in body positive campaigns such as Glamour Magazine’s Sizes 00 to 30 fashion series, Shape Magazine’s Love My Shape feature and Big Fig Mattress’ recent ads, Marcy continues of being seen.

Meet Lorna Finn

Model, PCOS Advocate, Blogger, and Mentor whose primary focus is to challenge women to love themselves through all life’s unpredictable obstacles. The word “cystum” was derived from the word cyst, a characteristic of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome); a syndrome that Lorna herself suffers from. PCOS is known to attack the femininity of being a woman, and more importantly, makes it challenging to achieve weight-loss. However, instead of letting her chronic condition cripple her potential, Lorna decided to transform herself and use her syndrome as a platform for inspiration and motivation for others. Her focus is to establish a creative space that addresses; wisdom, beauty, health, fashion, and all things curvaceous. As a public figure, she hopes that she inspires other women to ‘love the curves they’re in and to encourage every woman to be bold in their chosen life paths.

The “Size 20+ And How to Navigate It”panel with Alicia Young, Lisa Schoenberger, Elle Dove, Marcy Cruz and Lorna Finn starts at 1 pm; this is sure to be a panel you don’t want to miss.

The 2018 TCFStyle Expo is August 11th & 12th at Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, GA.

Tickets are on sale now!

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