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Panel Spotlight: Name it. Claim it. Walk in it. – Stepping Into Your Purpose Without Apology

27 Jun 2017

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As we said before, the highlights of the entire TCFStyle Expo experience are the panels. While the shopping keeps your wardrobe fly, the networking connects you to people and brands that are in the know, and the food fills your stomach with loads of love… The panels give you food for thought, and that is good for the mind, body and spirit.

In our last spotlight, I dished the dirt on the wonderful women leading our Style Has No Age or Size Panelpresented by Lane Bryant. If you were under the impression that we were leading with the best panel of the bunch, let us be the first to tell you. Each and every single one of our scheduled panels are full of gem-droppers! I predict that you will leave the expo feeling inspired, fulfilled and oh so fabulous! Let’s get the 411 on the next panel we’re featuring in our panel spotlight.

Name it. Claim it. Walk in it. – Stepping Into Your Purpose Without Apology


Carpe Diem. Y.O.L.O. There are a multitude of inspirational phrases in our lexicon that we use to boost and motivate ourselves. But despite whatever life affirming phrase you have on your work out top, or coffee mug, sometimes we go through the motions and feel hopelessly… stuck.  We feel like there is so much more to life that we should be experiencing. What that “more” is can be as illusive as an enigma, and most of us go our entire lives seeking it out.

In this illustrating and inspirational panel, you will be gifted with the tools necessary to tap into that purpose, and find the spark within to make it happen. Whether it’s success in business, school, family, or love… Now is the time to name it, claim it, and walk in it. And let’s get to know the divas who will teach us to do just that!

Meet Sarah

Sarah Sapora is a veteran of the plus fashion industry, self-love champion and wellness advocate out to change the world one woman at a time. With her larger-than-life laughter and tenacious passion for serving others, Sarah believes in one simple idea – that each of us (no matter where we are in life, or however we feel we “messed up” in the past) has the ability to find our own #BeGreater. She is a blossoming coach, motivator, and currently leads personal growth groups for women online. In addition, she is on her own journey to living a happier, healthier, and more badass life.

Meet Shainna

Shainna is a plus size fashion and lifestyle blogger and all around proud Jersey girl. Her blog, A Thick Girl’s Closet is all about ensuring that plus size women are confident in every aspect of life. From fashion to beauty to travel and everything in between. ATGC started out as a hobby during her senior year in college before becoming her career 6 years later. She lives her life to the fullest in hopes of inspiring other young women to do the same.

Another epic squad of women leading the panel, right? This is one dynamic duo that is going to get us and our lives together… I’m claiming it now!! If you were looking for a good reason why you should join us for the 2017 TCFStyle Expo, let the fact that the experience might actually change your life be the clincher that gets you as hyped as we are. Will we see you there?

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