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Panel Spotlight: Cosplay AnyWay! Learn To Slay Your Body Positive Cosplay!

27 Jun 2018

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The cosplay world is just like society at large – discriminatory, superficial, and judgmental. There’s racism, sexism, ableism, sizeism, all the -isms just like everything else in society. It can be an intimidating, yet here a plus size femme can live in all your curvy glory slaying the game because nobody tells her what she can and can’t do.

Today we pretty geeked up to announce something entirely new coming to the expo. We joined forces with plus size cosplay queens TaLynn Kel, Lucky Luna and Jazz the Bat for an epic dialogue about the plus size community and our love for cosplay.
Ready to meet our queens of cosplay?

Meet TaLynn Kel

TaLynn Kel is a writer, cosplayer, and podcaster in Atlanta, Georgia. She writes, cosplay, interracial relationships, and pop culture fandom through the lens of social justice. panels on these topics in and out of Georgia. and essays have been featured by NBC, Safety Pin Box, Black Girl Nerds, Fabulize Magazine,, Brit & Co, Huffington Post, and Punk Black. TaLynn has self-published two essay books, “Breaking Normal: Essays about My Fat, Black, Geek Life” and “Still Breaking Normal: A Fat, Black, Femme, Geek Navigating an Anti-Black World”, both available on Amazon.

You can find TaLynn on the web at



Instagram: @talynnkel


Meet Lucky Luna

Lucky Luna Cosplay is an Atlanta-based visual artist and cosplayer. cosplaying in 2013 realized that cosplaying was a fun way the stress of college. helped her improve her crafting skills, come out of her shell as she begin to feel beautiful and confident, goofing off at her friends.

You can find her work on:

Instagram @Lucky_Luna_Cosplay

Facebook at LuckyLunaCosplay

Meet Jazz Boatman

Better known as JazzTheBat is a plus sized, and super tall comic artist and illustrator with a passion for in fiction and geek culture. An avid fan of superhero video games, Boatman has been bringing her favorite characters to life via cosplay since 2013. In her art or cosplay, the importance of individual style and to oneself regardless of what haters on the internet have, she stresses the importance of being your own biggest fan and #1 cheerleader. While she tends to be shy, you will find her on Instagram advocating for the visibility and marginalized pop culture standards.

Find her on social media!

Instagram: @jazzthebatcosplay

WOW!!!! I’m so ready to meet these ladies! Are you a cosplay fan?

The Cosplay AnyWay! Learn To Slay Your Body Positive Cosplay, will be on Saturday, August 11th on the Main Stage at 3:30 PM.

Tickets tot he 2018 TCFStyle Expo are on sale now!!

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