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Panel Spotlight: The Rise of Big & Tall Fashion

24 Jul 2017

Can you believe it!! We are officially in TCFStyle Expo week and we still have news coming!  With the changes in plus size fashion for women and men over the past few years, this year is extremely special and exciting as we introduce the big and tall men fashion section at the expo.  And here to share his thoughts on “The Big and Tall Revolution”, we invited XL Tribe creator Kirklan Hawes to open up about his excitement for our Big and Tall Panel: The Rise of Big & Tall Fashion.

The Rise of Big & Tall Fashion

So this year I’m having the pleasure of attending The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo 2017 and I’m hella excited for this weekend of events and seminars shaping the plus size culture-particularly big and tall men’s fashion. The panel- The Rise of Big and Tall Fashion is happening on Friday, July 28 at 1 pm. The panelist on the subject will be Bruce Sturgell, creator of, Mo Vaughn creator of MVP for Big and Tall Men, Big and Tall Models Rob Robinson and Daniel Franzese.

Bruce Sturgell of The Chubstr

Mo Vaughn of MVP Collection

Daniel Franzese, Big and Tall Actor and Model

Rob Robinson, Big and Tall Model

In my personal opinion the evolution of the big and tall fashion has come an extremely long way from where it used to be. Granted my journey into the big and tall realm is fairly new. I haven’t always been a big guy like some of the other guys in the community so for me, the journey is a new and a bit smoother. And for the fellas I know who have been it for years, this new evolution of fashion for the big and tall man is right on time.

Do you have you ticket to the TCFStyle Expo yet?  It all goes down this Friday!  See you at the Expo!

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About creator Kirklan Hawes

I started because I spent many many years of my life unhappy because of my size and weight. Well no more of that shit, now its time for me to follow my true passion and help people that way I’ve been put on this earth too. In creating this site I wanted to create a site that would teach men how to dress for the person they are while helping them become the man they want to be. On a weekly basis I will be providing style/grooming tips, outfit inspirations, Tribes Best Dressed and mental tips to help go along with your new outfits.

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