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Panel Spotlight: The 4 Keys To Activating Your “Target Effect”

10 Jul 2017

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Are you ready to get a nice, steaming cup of delicious tea on the next panel that will enlighten, educate, entertain and ultimately get your lives all the way together? Well, you’re in luck… Because today I’m here to do just that, and my kettle is piping hot!

With so many entrepreneurs participating in and attending TCFStyle Expo, this morning discussion is specifically valuable. Do you want to be a #girlboss? This panel will illustrate the steps necessary to make a difference in the revenue you generate! Who doesn’t want that? Activate Your ‘Target Effect’ gives entrepreneurs the four steps to recognizing and engaging their tribe, optimizing their buying power and how to keep them returning to frequent your business again and again. You want happy, repeat customers? This is the panel for you vendor!

Panel Spotlight: Morning Mimosas with Vendors – The 4 Keys To Activating Your “Target Effect” with Kim McCarter

Kim McCarter is the leading Profit & Implementation Strategist to femalepreneurs who want to build online businesses that attract paying clients, increase their profits, and give them more time for family, friends & their community. With over seventeen years of experience working in Corporate Leadership as a Project Manager and HR professional, Kim centers her teaching and coaching style on helping women like you activate their Target Effect™ and strategically build their business for longevity and profitability.

Despite making a six-figure salary as an employee, Kim found her true passion in empowering women in creating personal brands that attract, engage and profit. It is always her desire to deliver a message that consistently reminds women that they can become high-profit earners and live a life by design. Kim’s shero power is designed to get into the trenches of your business and empower you through the process of building a signature system that supports the front-and-backends of your business. To create the edge you need to create your impact by doing what you love. Kim is no stranger to the TCFStyle Expo, but she says that this one is special.

I am excited to bring my ‘Activate Your #TargetEffect’ workshop the Vendor and Sponsor Breakfast at the TCFStyle Expo this year. As a business success coach, I feel that it is just as important to pour into the sponsors and vendors as it is the attendees. I plan to share action steps that they will be able to implement that day into their businesses!

I don’t know about you, but I am trying to get my mogul on for the second half of 2017. Just another reason why the 2017 TCFStyle Expo is truly the place you ought to be this summer!

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