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Meet The TCFStyle Squad: Marv Neal

20 Apr 2017

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Today, we take a minute to introduce you to the only gentleman of the squad, hailing from the streets of Detroit, Michigan, meet Marv Neal.

Meet Marv Neal: TCFStyle Squad Member

Name: Marv Neal
Age: 36
Location: Detroit, Michigan

How long have you been blogging or styling?

I’ve been a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper professionally for 7 years.

What or who inspired you to become a fashion stylist or blogger? What led you to it? Share your evolution!

My family has a long line of seamstress and tailors, so everyone always dressed nice no matter the era. I think it was just passed down, I always even been into clothing for as far back as I can remember like as far back as the 3rd grade. The 90’s music scene with Mary J Blige, Bad Boy and such did it for me. I wanted to create the magic of fashion like the Misa Hylton, June Ambrose, and Groovey Lew.

What are the challenges, if any, you face regarding being plus size?

The only challenges I face is sizing and quantity. While not all men in Detroit do the baggy thing, those that do will buy up the large sizes to rock the sag and leave nothing for the people that really need it.

Who/what are your favorite designers/brands?

I’m a big Thrifter, so it could be anything. I’ve always been a Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers guy though. I love designer footwear like Gucci, Ferragamo, and Givenchy.

Describe your personal style.

I’m so ghetto chic. I’m where the hood and high fashion meet.

What are you excited to see this year at the expo?

To finally meet all the curvy women and big & tall guys that shut it down in the plus size fashion industry.  I love to see people get fresh. This expo is going to be lit!
Isn’t he fun!?!

You can learn more about Marv at!

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