Meet TCFStyle Expo Gold Sponsor, Bandelettes!

Hey Curvy Fashionistas!

I am back yet again to spread even more great news about the TCFStyle Expo! Time is drawing near and there is so much that has to be shared and I am committed to sharing every piece of information with you. I want to assure that you are fully informed of all the activities, brands participating and the shopping opportunities so that you are able to enter the venue in comfort. I know that this comfort is important and that it will make your experience all the more personal and enjoyable.


Bandelettes I know that you all are familiar with phrase, “thick thighs save lives” and I am sure most of you agree that they do (insert Doctor Evil laugh). However, riddle me this; who saves thick thighs? (one word) Bandelettes! Yes! Bandelettes have come along to save thick thighs from chafing and we are here for all of that! We are so honored to have a brand like Bandelettes that is passionate about servicing plus size women and problem solving within our community as a sponsor of the TCFStyle Expo.Bandelettes

To shop and learn more about the brand, go to

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