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Meet 2018 TCFStyle Expo Vendor, Lorenza James by Elle Dove

09 Jul 2018

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Ready for more vendors? More shopping? We all know that the TCFStyle Expo is about a  fun weekend of networking, panels, entertainment and all around curvy girl fabulousness, but it’s also the premiere plus size shopping and discovering new brands and designers!

And today we introduce a newbie to the expo but no stranger to the plus size community.  The upcoming plus size designer label Lorenza James by Elle Dove.  With her passion for dressing women beyond the industry standard, Elle Dove is making boss moves into the industry, and we are so excited to have her this year at the 2018 TCFStyle Expo!

Ready to get to know about the brand Lorenza James by Elle Dove?

Brand Name 
Lorenza James by Elle Dove

Years In Business 
Two years

What type of business?
Apparel / Accessories

 What is the story behind your brand? 
Since I was a little girl, I have never wanted to do anything other than design. So when I got older, I went to school got my degree, graduated and had 10,000 question marks. But I’m happy to say once I figured out what I wanted to do I hit the ground running. I wanted to design for plus size Beauties everywhere because I’m a plus-size Beauty and although I was not trained to dress plus size women that made me even more passionate about dressing curves like mine. I didn’t start designing because I felt there was a need in the plus community, I designed because I love the curves of women’s bodies. Lorenza James is forward thinking, trendy and breaks all the rules while focusing on comfort and style. These are our core values, and I know they would take us far.

Why this focus? 
This is my focus because I am very passionate about dressing women’s curves, allowing them to voice who they are without saying a word.

What inspired you to get into fashion?
I have always wanted to be a designer I’ve never wanted to do anything else; honestly, it just became a creative outlet for me. Once I started, I didn’t stop. I believe the earliest memory I have of Designing something came when I was in the third grade in an art class, the teacher gave us an assignment, and I took that assignment and applied it to a dress, one of the first dresses that I designed lol. From there I started applying things that I saw in the real world working it into dresses. So as you can see this has always been a passion of mine a deep, deep passion of mine, and that’s what made me get into fashion.

Are you self taught/passion driven or did you go to school for this?
I went to school. I knew creatively I was fine. I wanted to learn the business side of the fashion industry, and I did that just to realize I don’t care to know the business side of the fashion industry lol. I graduated from IADT Orlando in 2011.

What or Who is your style/design inspiration?
The women around me are a constant inspiration. The life that they live, the things that they are into. I love people just watching people. Just seeing how they go through their helps me with my focus on comfort and style.

What has been the biggest success of your brand, to date?
Every year I start with the list of goals. One of the goals this year was not to be the only person talking about my brand. Since the start of the year, I have participated, and two fashion shows one of which landed me in Plus Model Magazine, which made my heart sing.

What would be one of the biggest style myths in Plus Size or Big & Tall Fashion?
That everything isn’t for everybody. In fact, most things are for everyone you just have to find the right cut and style that fits your body and your shape. For example crop tops. No, not all crop tops are for you, but some are, as my high low crop top, it flatters every body type. Its high in the front and drops down in the back. Giving you a peek of tummy.

How do you think the plus size industry has grown over the years?
I believe the plus industry was making great strides in the beginning, women were becoming more and more vocal about what they wanted and what they wanted to look like and what they wanted to see but from a business standpoint plus women are not showing up monetary wise. More stores are closing, brands that solely focus on them are having to branch out and seek a wider audience. Plus women said what they wanted; businesses branched out to give it to them and then the business was left hanging and still have to foot the bill. A personal example for me is the extended sizes, while I advocate for them, only 5% of my sales have been extended sizes. I am an independent designer, and the majority of my pieces are made to order, and I am e-commerce based, so I don’t feel it as much, but larger businesses do, and as I grow I’m sure eventually I will too.

Have you attended or vended at the expo before? If not, tell us your past experiences, if so, let us know what you are looking forward to!
I caught a snippet last year, and it was nice. This year I will be there live and in full effect lol. I’m looking forward to meeting a ton of new people and developing new customer relationships.

What can the attendees of the TCFStyle Expo look forward to seeing from you?
They can look forward to seeing a lot of they’re favorites from Lorenza James by Elle Dove and meeting my team, a few brand ambassadors, they will get a chance to try on pieces before they purchase and take pictures with me. Also, I have some new pieces I will be releasing just for them. With special savings. It’s going to be amazing!!!!

You can also find her on social media.
IG: @designer_elledove
Twitter: @designelledove
FB: Lorenza James by Elle Dove

Can’t make it to the expo but want to see more from Lorenza James by Elle Dove?  Shop her Esty store online! And for those of you rocking with us next month…

Get your ticket now!

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