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Meet 2018 TCFStyle Expo vendor, Izzy and Liv

26 Jun 2018

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Hey Girl! Are you ready to meet another vendor coming to the 2018 TCFStyle Expo? Today we introduce you to a brand that’s more than the items they sell, but a cultural lifestyle and we think they are so dope! Meet the powerhouse brand doing it for the cultural, Izzy and Liv! With everything from graphic tees to tote, pillows to shower curtains, Izzy and Liv has something for everyone. Join us we welcome them to them 2018 TCFStyle Expo.

Meet Izzy and Liv!

Brand Name:
Izzy & Liv

Years In Business :
4 Years

What type of business?
Apparel / Accessories

What is the story behind your brand?
Our brand is self-affirming, inspirational, fun, sassy, filled with pop culture references and a bit retro. Our goal is to design pieces that reflect some of our shared experiences; celebrates the icons we love; reinforces the empowering beauty we possess and immortalizes the things we can’t get enough of — things that make us laugh and smile. When you shop at Izzy & Liv, you’re bound to find something that you can relate to!
Why this focus?
Our goal is to make sure that the things you love are reflected in the things you buy. Who doesn’t love a graphic tee? They are effortlessly chic and fun and often become the first clues into your personality or mood. Browsing the racks of your favorite mainstream brands you certainly won’t be hard-pressed to find a variety of cute and fashionable tees. Chances are, however, you will be hard-pressed to find tees that genuinely reflect your culture and the things you love. Though the exclusion of women of color in media and product development is not as polarizing as it has been in the past, we are still often bombarded with media that pushes stereotypes and images that do not always reflect us fully. This is why Izzy & Liv was created.

What inspired you to get into fashion?
I had a desire to provide an outlet for both black women and little girls who want and NEED to see more of themselves and the things they love in the mainstream.

Are you self-taught/passion driven or did you go to school for this?

What or Who is your style/design inspiration?
Black women

What has been the biggest success of your brand, to date?
The success of our Brown Sugar Box! Shout out to our Brown Sugar Babes!

What would be one of the biggest style myths in Plus Size or Big & Tall Fashion?
That you can’t wear this or you can’t wear that. You can wear whatever you like as long as you feel good.

How do you think the plus size industry has grown over the years?
It has grown tremendously! No longer are the styles an afterthought, frumpy. or poorly designed. The styles are trendy, colorful and sexy. True fashion is not limited by size.

Have you attended or vended at the expo before? If not, tell us your past experiences, if so, let us know what you are looking forward to!
TCF is our first vending experience. We are looking forward to connecting with our current customers, meeting new ones and learning more about their wants and needs.

What can the attendees of the TCFStyle Expo look forward to seeing from you?
They can look forward to seeing our quality tees, stylish accessories and of course our famous Brown Sugar Box!

Did we mention Izzy and Liv tees goes up to size 4XL? Make sure you check them out online at

Tickets to the 2018 TCFStyle Expo are now on sale! Get yours today!

Looking for more news and vendor s coming to the expo? Follow us on facebook at TCFStyle Expo!


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