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Meet 2018 Tcfstyle Expo Vendor, BAABS Boutique and Beauty Bar

07 Jun 2018

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Hey There!!

Today we talk about all things skincare and beauty, thanks to our newest 2018 TCFStyle Expo vendor BAABS Boutique and Beauty Bar.    Creator Necia Boston founded B.A.A.B.S. (Blessed and Anointed Beauty Services), a beauty bar and brand after her own struggle in finding products compatible with her own super sensitive skin.  Necia knew there had to be other women with the same needs.  The  BAABS product line stays true to her vision of providing top quality ingredients without the unnecessary additives that often cause reactions.

Are you ready to get to know more about this awesome boutique and beauty bar?

Brand Name
BAABS Boutique & Beauty Bar

Years In Business
5 years

What type of business?
Beauty, Hair and Skin Care Products

What is the story behind your brand?
Our Focus is on brown skin with sensitivities.

Why this focus?
So many woman have skin concerns that are not being met, especially women of color.

What inspired you to get into fashion?
Fashion and beauty are a way of life and offer ways to express ones self.

Are you self-taught/passion driven or did you go to school for this?

What or Who is your style/design inspiration?
I draw style and inspiration from my mother and the beautiful women around me.

What has been the biggest success of your brand, to date?
Our biggest success would be being able to move our brick and mortar location to a larger facility and celebrate 5 years in business.

What would be one of the biggest style myths in Plus Size or Big & Tall Fashion?
Stay away from prints.

How do you think the plus size industry has grown over the years?
The plus size industry has become more inclusive with styling options and a wider range of sizes.

Have you attended or vended at the expo before? If not, tell us your past experiences, if so, let us know what you are looking forward to!
Looking forward to meeting new customers and networking with other vendors.

What can the attendees of the TCFStyle Expo look forward to seeing from you?
Attendees can look forward to BAABS providing the finishing beauty touches to their perfectly styled wardrobe with demonstrations and options for all.

At BAAS Boutique and Beauty Bar they do everything from facials and waxing to brow sculpting and makeup. You can spend the whole day here and feel like a million bucks. Offering an array of allergen-free beauty products, BAABS  customers also have access to full ingredient lists upon requests. Talk about customer service!!

Make sure check them out online at for the full list of products.

And make sure you stop by the booth at the 2018 TCFStyle Expo. Ticket are on sale now!

You may catch me getting my life together with a facial. See you at the expo!!

Want more BAABS Beauty?

Check them out on social media


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