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Everything You Missed Last Year at the TCFStyle Expo!

Everything You Missed Last Year at the TCFStyle Expo!

17 May 2017

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Soft scream!!! Gasp!! Eeek!

   Hey girl Hey! I am so excited to be a part of the 2017 TCFStyle Squad. Can you say #lit? The expo last year was just amazing, but this year? I am going down to Atlanta with all rights, privileges and reasons to say “Yassssss” (dragging this out), because I am down with the squad! Don’t pump me up any more, I am already too hype! Soooo…If you missed it, Here’s a little recap of what went down last year at the Expo!

Everything You Missed Last Year at the TCFStyle Expo!

 It was the beginning of August on a sunny day and well, my squad of blogger boos and I hopped in our ride and set out to the A for a powered pack event just for us!
 The 2016 TCFStyle Expo was presented by the amazing Marie Denee (The Curvy Fashionista, herself!) and sponsored by Ashley Stewart in Atlanta, Georgia! I am psyched that Ashley Stewart is coming back this year, and I know that we are all in for a bigger, better and bolder experience!
 I love going down to Georgia and pretending that I am a housewife or just acting like a good ole Georgia (or should I say, “Gawgia“?) Peach, but I digress.
 You are here to find out what you missed. And I am hear to spill the tea on that! Many fan girl moments (I am a subtle fan girl and I geek out in my head), super fabulous women who came to make change and take all your money and then spend right in front of you at the Expo (hihih)! The plus babe realness was out of this world and there were some FINNNE male models on deck. From the sessions, to the mixer, workshops, shopping, and just OMG everybody had a good time!
 What can I say about it? The TCFStyle Expo is LIFE CHANGING and I anticipate, just like wine it gets BETTER and BETTER every year. There was so much valuable information at our fingertips, it left all of us craving more! The best part of the event was being able to meet both Marie Denee and The Mogul Diva herself, Gwen DeVoe, in person. Meeting these two women was epic by itself, but the event in its entirety was, like the song, Unforgettable.

The Panels


 From knowing the business of plus size fashion to having deep conversations of our bodies and the need not just for self acceptance, but acceptance period were really thought provoking. Each of the 5 panels throughout the weekend brought a different perspective and showed the value of studying the plus size industry inside, out, front and back. If this is an industry you really want to take an active role in or become a voice for, you must do your research. I almost wish the panel conversations were on sale electronically so you could see what you missed, but I am sure you can get snippets by checking the official hashtag #asxtcfstyleexpo over all social media. My personal favorite was the conversation about body acceptance and I can’t wait to hear more.

The Shopping


 Let me say that I have been a true plus size since childhood. Going to stores growing up was a joke because you could only find things that were not flatting or things that barely fit. Because of this, we would sporadically go to a store here or there maybe twice a year and try to piece together some things to wear. As you can imagine, that was no fun for a kid, but my mom made it work. Oh and let’s not talk about prom or any other events where you needed formal wear. Makes me feel uneasy just thinking about it!
 Luckily times have changed and those days are over! Marie has us covered with the TCFStyle Expo! All the plus size essentials you could ever desire under one roof: clothing, underwear, shoes, jewelry and accessories, hair and makeup. Plus things that technically aren’t plus size essentials, but I think they should be. Massages, photographers snapping you looking your best, delicious foods. All of these things, including fashion shows to keep you inspired.
 Everything and everyone was there. All the brands that matter to us. All the bloggers we know, love and follow. Even scores of fine shirtless men holding cupcakes and sweet treats! All the things we love, want and need in one place, at one time, to serve one purpose! It was everything!!!

The Expo


 When I travel to any conference, the moment I return I am always asked, “How was it?”. In fact, many of you are reading these words with that question on your spirits. How was it? This event was everything that I could have imagined. If you are considering going this year, I wholeheartedly recommend it… You need to experience this magic first hand.
 If you want to fangirl out, or you are looking to meet big names in the plus industry (including moguls, stylist, artists, designers, manufacturers, or bloggers) this is the event you need to add to your summer schedule. I personally had so much fun, got so much inspiration and learned so much in a short amount of time… It often seems unreal. for you to attend down south!

The Experience


 Oh, before I forget.. Please learn from my mistakes. My only regret about experiencing the TCFStyle Expo was not bringing all my gal pals to join in on the fun with me. Epic fail on my part! It’s a life-changing event, so I suggest you get a group chat started to rally your squad to take a road trip to Atlanta this summer!

The Location


 While the location last year was fantastic, I am super excited to see the new digs this year! We’ve been promised a bigger space, which gives us greater room to connect, shop, gab with our blogger boos and soak in ample quantities of curvy girl magic!!!

The Celebration


 And that is what the TCFStyle Expo is all about. Celebrating our curvy girl magic and basking in the beauty and impeccable style of everyone around us. It’s the ultimate body positive experience, and I am so excited to see and experience it first hand again in a few months!

 Did my little trip down memory lane give you enough? Or do you feel like you want more and to experience the expo for yourselves?
 Well, there is no need to feel left out this year! Make sure you get your tickets as they are on sale NOW and can be scored HERE!

 See you in Atlanta!!!

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