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The 2018 TCFStyle Expo

August 11th & 12th, 2018

Since 2015, the TCFStyle Expo, is a body-positive fashion convention that takes  online conversations about plus-size fashion and advocacy, offline. Independent and mainstream fashion brands are represented here, and women & men bond over style, entertainment and empowerment.

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[tc_info_box icon_color=”#f54dc6″ iconsize=”4x” title=”Plus Size Shopping” iconfont=”dv-davicons-shopping1″]We want you to shop until you drop with a curated selection of amazing plus size fashion & Big & Tall brands and designers! Your personal plus size mall! [/tc_info_box]
[tc_info_box icon_color=”#f54dc6″ iconsize=”4x” title=”Education” title_color=”#000000″ iconfont=”pe-7s-share”]All the conversations YOU want to have! Topics YOU want to talk about. Information YOU want to learn about! We bring you the workshops, panels, and resources to empower the plus size business owner, blogger, and entrepreneur![/tc_info_box]
[tc_info_box icon_color=”#f54dc6″ iconsize=”4x” title=”Amazing Entertainment” iconfont=”pe-7s-notebook”]Because there is more to life than shopping (sort of), we are bringing dynamic speakers, special guest performers, and activations for you![/tc_info_box]


Our call for speakers will open up soon, but get to know a few of 2017's featured speakers!

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Schedule of Events

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[tc_info_box_2 select_icon_color=”gradient” iconsize=”3x” title=”PLUS SIZE SHOPPING” title_color=”#ffffff” content_color=”#cccccc” align=”” iconfont=”pe-7s-diamond”]Imagine all of your favorite plus size brands and designers in one place,that you can touch and feel their garments in real life?[/tc_info_box_2][tc_info_box_2 select_icon_color=”gradient” iconsize=”3x” title=”AMAZING PANELS & WORKSHOPS” title_color=”#ffffff” content_color=”#cccccc” align=”” iconfont=”pe-7s-cloud”]Submitted by you, we talk about the topics that are near and dear to your heart! Learn how to style, talk about body image and more! [/tc_info_box_2]
[tc_info_box_2 select_icon_color=”gradient” iconsize=”3x” title=”BIG & TALL SHOPPING” title_color=”#ffffff” content_color=”#cccccc” align=”” iconfont=”pe-7s-power”]The TCFStyle Expo is not only for the women, the men get to come and play too! Thanks to Chubstr, we will have more than a few options to shop! [/tc_info_box_2][tc_info_box_2 select_icon_color=”gradient” iconsize=”3x” title=”ENTERTAINMENT” title_color=”#ffffff” content_color=”#cccccc” align=”” iconfont=”pe-7s-joy”]We have more than a few plus size entertainers who know how to wow the crowd and for the TCFStyle Expo, we bring just that! [/tc_info_box_2]
[tc_info_box_2 select_icon_color=”gradient” iconsize=”3x” title=”FASHION SHOWS” title_color=”#ffffff” content_color=”#cccccc” align=”” iconfont=”pe-7s-coffee”]Not only will you be able to shop the brands, but you will be able to get a sneak peek at the newness that they have to offer! [/tc_info_box_2][tc_info_box_2 select_icon_color=”gradient” iconsize=”3x” title=”NETWORKING” title_color=”#ffffff” content_color=”#cccccc” align=”” iconfont=”pe-7s-wine”]Not only do you get to shop your favorite brands, hear from the industry’s thought leaders, but you get to mix & mingle with your faves! [/tc_info_box_2]

Cobb Galleria Centre

You asked, we listened! You loved the Cobb Galleria, wanted a few changes made, and we listened! We are soooo excited to be back at the Cobb Galleria Centre for the 2018 TCFStyle Expo. For an ease of comfort, convenience and style, we are so pleased to be back for our event! The Cobb Galleria Centre provides everything we were looking for in one snazzy place!

Our Host Hotel

Looking for a place to stay for the weekend? Check out our host hotel for the weekend and reserve your room now!

welcome to the Renaissance Waverly

[hotel hotel_image=”5243″ description=”2450 Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339″ show_button=”yes” display_phone=”yes” hotel_name=”The Renaissance” link=”url:%23|title:Coming%20Soon||” phone=”770.953.4500″ hote_name_color=””]

Tickets are on Sale Now!

[carousel id=”price2″ slidecount=”3″ playdelay=”false”][pricing title=”1 Day Ticket” title_color=”#333333″ price=”$25″ price_color=”#00cbc1″ bg_color=”#f8f8f8″ link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Ftcfstyleexpo.com%2Fregister-now%2F|title:REGISTER|target:%20_blank|”]
  • One day entry to all activities
  • Access to all Vendors & activations
  • Fashion Shows & Performances
  • One day of panels & workshops
  • Complimentary Refreshments
  • and TCFStyle Expo Tote Bag
[/pricing][pricing title=”Two-Day Ticket” title_color=”#333333″ price=”$40″ price_color=”#00cbc1″ bg_color=”#f8f8f8″ link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Ftcfstyleexpo.com%2Fregister-now%2F|title:REGISTER|target:%20_blank|”]2-day entry to all activities, Access to all vendors & activations on both days, Fashion Shows & Performances, 2 days of panels & workshops, Complimentary Refreshments, and TCFStyle Expo Tote Bag![/pricing][pricing title=”VIP 2-Day Ticket” title_color=”#333333″ price=”$80″ price_color=”#00cbc1″ bg_color=”#f8f8f8″ popular=”yes” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Ftcfstyleexpo.com%2Fregister-now%2F|title:REGISTER|target:%20_blank|”]2-day entry to all activities, Access to all vendors & activations on both days, Priority seating at Fashion Shows & Performances (First come, First Served), Priority seating at Panels & Workshops (First come, First Served), Invite to VIP Events, Access to the VIP Lounges, VIP Access to Saturday Night event, and VIP Tee Shirt & Special VIP Gift Bag[/pricing][/carousel]

For 2018, we have a buy more, save more package! If you are coming with your girlfriends, the more tickets you buy, the more you save!

Want to upgrade your tickets? You can do that! Just follow the link on your receipt to upgrade!

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Thanks to our amazing sponsors

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