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Big Fig at the TCFStyle Expo

Hey Big Fig Mattress!!!! Welcome Back to the Expo!

26 Jun 2018

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The 2018 TCFStyle Expo is coming! That’s right August 11th and 12th, we’re so excited to share all the latest news and tea about this year’s expo. And today, we more good news to announce. The mattress company made for bigger figures is returning to the 2018 TCFStyle Expo!

Now if haven’t heard about Big Fig Mattress, you gotta check out the raving reviews from the community. Even our very own Curvy Fashionista, Marie Denee is Big Fig Fan! She’s a true advocate for a good night’s sleep.

Let’s get to know more about big fig mattress

The Big Fig Mattress is the first mattress built specifically to meet the needs of sleepers with a bigger figure. The Big Fig Mattress is built specifically to support continued application of body weight of up to 500lbs, or a couple with a distributed weight of 500-1000 lbs.

At Big Fig, their mission to align with the Body Positivity movement, to create a vision based on self-love, body acceptance and positive life choices. Believing the industry needed fewer mattress lines that claim to “work for everyone”, and more mattress lines that can truly support all body figures over a period of 20 years. Because everybody is entitled to a comfortable long-lasting mattress designed to support him or her, and every person is entitled to the truth about the mattress they invest in.

The mattresses come with such great benefits for bigger figure people. I am ready to give it a try myself.

Are you ready to give Big Fig a try? The Big Fig Team will be expecting you at the expo!

Have you gotten your ticket yet? Get all the details and more right here at!!

Tickets are on sale now for the 2018 TCFStyle Expo!

To learn more go to . And make sure you stop by the Big Fig booth and say, Hey!!

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