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How To Handle ATL Heat In Big Boy Style

10 Jul 2017

Alright fellas, it’s officially summer! And with a couple weeks into the season, it’s time to step up our “A” game and show these kids how the big and tall fellas get down in this heat, especially within the next couple weeks. You know ya boy heading to Atlanta for the TCFStyle Expo and the HEAT IS ON in the A! If you have ever visited Georgia in the summer months you know. It’s about to a season of “dress less”, I mean you literally don’t want to wear anything or go anywhere til nightfall. But this year, I’m reppin for my big and tall brothers so I have to come with it.

So if you’re wondering how I’m going to do this big boy style during the TCFStyle Expo take some notes. This is how you Handle The ATL Heat In Big Boy Style. Whether you’re traveling to the A, doing an afternoon excursion with new friends, meeting and greeting the expo crowd or brunching with the ladies. Here’s how you look cool in this hot azz Atlanta weather.

Let’s start from the top and work our way down.

Shades can always take a look higher level. You have to represent when you’re in the A.

“Aviator shades wit the mirror front face” – Big Boi-Outkast


If you follow me on IG at @marvneal you know I have nothing but love for denim. While Chambray can sometimes be a little heavy, nothing beats a polo or a classic button down.

Now we get down to the bottom of things. Pants, shorts and shoes, fellas. Don’t be afraid of shorts let them see those stems! I’ve taken my own advice and ventured out into the streets in some leg barring looks myself.  And if you need a sporty way to keep cool and stay stylish, work a look with some bright colors. Try a monochrome look to slim things up a bit.

Sidenote: Remember to keep it airy! Always wear underwear and hydrate with plenty of water to beat the heat.

How are you going to keep cool and stay fly in the ATL? Let me know if you were feeling my summer looks. See you in Atlanta!

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