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2018 TCFStyle Expo Fashion Show: Marie’s Picks! 

24 Aug 2018

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Hey There!!

This year the TCFStyle Expo EXPLODED with great fashion from brands and vendors everywhere! Expo day ones like Courtney Noelle was in the house and newbies like Barkwood came ready to mark their place.  The entire event was a shopper paradise. The brand you love in the house representing. What could be better? How about a Fashion show?

Now if you are ready for more fashion from the 2018 TCFStyle Expo?  This year we added a new fashion show to our runway, we decided to have The Curvy Fashionista she with us her favorite brands and her fashion picks for the season.  This show encompasses the full range of our Editor in Chic. From her fun and flirty with her Rue 107 pick to chic and classy with her top pick from new designers, Barkwood.  Ready to see what The Curvy Fashionista currently has in her closet?  Check out our newest runaway show at the TCFStyle Expo, Marie’s Picks!

2018 TCFStyle Expo Fashion Show: Marie’s Picks!

Dean of Fashion



Lane Bryant

Courtney Noelle

Astra Signature


City Chic

City Chic

Rue 107


Virgo Nicole Collection






Did you enjoy the fashion show? Which looks were your favorite? Did you attend the 2018 TCFStyle Expo?  So much was happening, everything seemed so fast, yet so amazing.  Can you believe we are already in the works for 2019!  We can’t wait to get started on more fabulous things to bring to the expo.  Make sure you stay in touch as the recaps and news start to pour in. And don’t forget to check in with The Curvy for everything Plus Size!

See there something you would like to see next year for the 2019 TCFStyle Expo? More Fashion, panels, vendors! Leave a comment below and share your thoughts! We can’t wait to see what you have in mind! Until next time, See you at the Expo!!


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