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Come Tweet with Us! Let’s talk about Body Positivity for Big and Tall Men with Expo sponsor, MVPCollection!

29 Jul 2018

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We had an amazing time with  TCFStyle Expo Sponsors Medzone and Pluszone last night on the Twitter party and we are doing it again! This time with the TCFStyle Expo Sponsor, MVP Collection!

Join us this Saturday, July 28th, from 7-8p.m. EST for a #TCFStyleexpo Twitter party sponsored by MVP Collection. Get ready to chat it up with us about the Body Positivity and Big and Tall Mens Fashion with MVP Collection and TheCurvy Fashionista. We’ll dish on the rise of big & tall fashion, body positivity for big and tall men and what next for MVP Collection. To participate, use the hashtags #TCFStyleexpo and #MVPBody

Ready to Tweet!

When: Saturday, July 27th, from 7— 8 p.m. EST

Where: The party will be on Twitter with the hashtag #TCFStyleexpo and #MVPBody

How: Log in to your Twitter account and follow @TCFStyleExpo and @MVPCollections. To see the whole conversation, follow the hashtag #TCFStyleexpo and #MVPBody.

And did we mention there will be a giveaway!!

Prizes: MVP Collection is providing a special prize to be given away to one lucky participant. The prize will be unveiled before the Twitter party, so stay tuned!

Tweet You Later!!!!

And don’t forget, Tickets to the 2018 TCFStyle Expo are on sale now!

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