Come Tweet With Us! Let’s talk about #Chubrub with Expo Sponsor, Medzone!

Please join us at 7pm ET this evening for our special #TCFXChafezone Twitter Chat with the Chubrub expert over at Medzone’s plus size community PlusZone. (@medzone) (@gopluszone)

In 2017, Medzone launched it’s new expansion brand PlusZone, providing us with excellent products to combat ChubRub & other skin conditions!

Targeting to the plus size community, PlusZone’s primary product is ChafeZone, the best-selling stick roll-on lubricant that prevents chub rub. We are so excited to have that brand that caters to the plus size community join us again for the expo! And tonight we have a little fun with the team of Medzone at talk about the #thickthighlife and how Medzone is saving it! If you are on Twitter make sure you check out this conversation!

Please tweet your questions in advance with #TCFXCHAFEZONE and we’ll chat it out. Tweet You Later!!

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