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Check Out Our Official Schedule Of Events For The TCFStyle Expo!

09 Jul 2016

Hey Girl Hey!

I know you are wondering, what does she want on this beautiful Saturday and then you remembered… DUH! She is here to spill more tea on the TCFStyle Expo. (ding ding ding) You guessed it, I have something to share and it is fresh off the desk of the TCFStyle Expo (of course).


I know that you have shopping and slaying to do today so I will not waste your time with a lot of word play. I just want to share with you the official schedule of events for the TCFStyle Expo.  Yes, all the I’s have been dotted and the T’s have been crossed and I am here to share with you how both days will run so that you can govern yourselves accordingly!!! Hahaha!

Check out our schedule of events that we have lined up for you!

TCFStyle Expo Schedule Of Events

Please make note of two things in regards to the TCFStyle Expo:

  1. In order to participate in all of the public events scheduled, you will need to purchase three tickets, Business Of Plus, Styling 101 and the expo tickets;
  2. Tickets are really selling fast and the price will increase at the door so get your tickets soon.

Didn’t we stack the deck this year? I hope you are as excited as we are!

Get your TCFStyle Expo tickets here!

Oh and the Curves & Karaoke is going to be lit, so be sure to get those vocals ready!

One thought on “Check Out Our Official Schedule Of Events For The TCFStyle Expo!

  1. So excited, now do we need to buy tickets for any event on Saturday, also how does one get invited to the other events?
    Thank you.

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