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2017 TCFStyle Expo Welcomes Charity Partner: The Giving Boutique

24 May 2017

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It is soooo important to give back. And for the past few months, I have been looking for a charity that would align perfectly with my thoughts, ideas, and goals… So, when I heard about The Giving Boutique, created by Jasmine Crowe, I knew immediately that this was the charity I wanted to be part of!

I am beyond geeked and hyped to announce that this year, the 2017 TCFStyle Expo has partnered up with The Giving Boutique. And not only for the TCFStyle Expo, but they are also a charity partner for The Curvy Fashionista! As we grow, we must give back to the community that continues to give to us!

The Giving Boutique, a national new and gently used clothing drive and boutique pop-up shop for homeless youth, travels to 20 cities and has served over 80 shelters and 5,000 youth! This year we are so blessed to have them join us at the TCFStyle Expo as our 2017 Charity Partner.

Want to know more about the Giving Boutique?

The goal of the “Giving Boutique” is to provide a unique shopping spree experience for homeless youth. This idea came up because many homeless individuals, although feeling very grateful, they were feeling hopeless and unwanted by always receiving donation in trash bags. Creating a boutique where the families enjoy a real shopping experience gives the people joy and fun! Families will be able to shop in a boutique pop-up shop with amenities including cupcakes, beverages, friendly staff, fitting rooms, furniture, and the overall boutique shopping experience.

The “Giving Boutique” also features accessories counter and a Health & Beauty Shop filled with donated items from beauty and hair brands. All items will be free of charge and youth and family participants will get to choose between 3-5 outfits and accompanying accessories.

What does it mean for the TCFStyle Expo?

We are pretty excited to give back and we want you to help us as well! This year, at the expo, we will do a clothes drive!

We want YOU to bring your gently worn clothing (including children’s) to donate to the “Giving Boutique!”

And guess what? For every TWO pieces you bring to donate to “The Giving Boutique”, you’ll get a raffle ticket for an amazing giveaway! I cannot wait to share this with you and with what the prize will be!

Isn’t this awesome?

Learn more about this initiative at BlackCelebrityGiving.Com

Did you get your tickets for the expo? Make sure you bring your items to donate before you go shopping!

Get your tickets to the TCFStyle Expo, here!

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