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As a Speaker, there are a number of ways to invite your community to your workshop or panel at the TCFStyle Expo! We want to ensure your success and impact! To do so, we have a few tools that we have created to help you along.  Use the following assets to share your registration discount code and promote your sessions at the Show.

Need help with any of these assets? We’re here to help! Contact your speaker coordinator, Kim via email.

While we will provide 2 free general admission tickets to give away, we have also provided an exclusive discount for you to share with your audience. We will create an exclusive discount for 20% savings to your audience.

Free Tools / Resources

  • Badges
  • Customizable Email Signature
  • Social Media Tools
  • Affiliate/Incentive Program


You will have access to not only your own personalized badge, but to a variety of promotional badges that you can use to promote and share with your audiences.

Don’t forget to add the ‘I’m Speaking’ TCFStyle Expo badge to your website!

Grab it here: TCFStyleExpo.com/Badge

OR just copy and paste this code into your website:

<a title=“I’m Speaking At The TCFStyle Expo” href=”http://TCFStyleExpo.com”> <img src=”” alt=” I’m Speaking At The TCFStyle Expo” /></a>

Email Signature Image

Customize the graphic below with your panel and discount code!

Social Media Blurbs and Tips

Spread the word about your participation at the TCFStyle Expo and share your Guest Pass Code discount via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Maximize your time and increase your exposure by using our pre-drafted social media blurbs and tips.

  • “I am hooking you up! Register with code XXX and receive a 20% off your TCFStyle Expo Tickets! #tcfstyleexpo “
  • “Make sure you attend my panel at the @TCFStyleExpo. Save 20% off with Code: XXX to register! #tcfstyleexpo”
  • Be sure to embed your Discount Code into the TCFStyle Expo Registration URL, 
  • Don’t forget to use hashtag “#tcfstyleexpo”

Our Affiliate & Incentive Program

This is a completley optional program that will allow for you to earn extra coin to shop at the TCFStyle Expo or whatever your heart desires.

Signing up for our program gives you an exclusive link that will earn you a percentage of each ticket you sell. If you are interested in this program, please visit our affiliate page for more information or speak with Kim, our Speaker Coordinator.

Best Practices

Share Your Guest Pass Code with Your Entire Team

  • Encourage your team to embed your discount code into their email signatures, social media and on your website

Include Your Discount Code in All Marketing Communications

  • Embed your discount code into the TCFStyle Expo Registration URL and include in eNewsletters, on your website and via social media:
    • (link) (replace XXXXXX with your code).
  • Get Creative! Create a short video or a funny skit sharing your registration code and share with your audience via social media.